Ups Teamsters Master Contract

The UPS Teamsters Master Contract: What You Need to Know

The UPS Teamsters Master Contract is an agreement between the United Parcel Service (UPS) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union, which represents more than 250,000 UPS employees. The contract covers a wide range of workplace issues, including wages, hours, benefits, and job security.

Negotiations for the current contract began in 2018 and were finalized in 2020, with the agreement set to expire in July 2023. Here are some key provisions of the contract:

Wages: Under the contract, UPS employees receive annual pay increases. The most recent agreement includes a wage increase of $4.15 over the five-year term of the contract. Additionally, the contract includes a provision for a $1,000 bonus to be paid to all employees in the first year of the contract.

Healthcare: The contract provides comprehensive healthcare coverage for UPS employees, with no monthly premiums or deductibles for covered services. The company also provides dental and vision coverage, as well as wellness programs.

Pension and Retirement: UPS employees have access to a defined benefit pension plan, which provides retirement income based on years of service and salary. The contract also includes a 401(k) plan with employer contributions and a retiree health savings plan.

Job Security: The contract includes provisions to protect job security for UPS employees, including restrictions on outsourcing and language that prevents the company from using part-time or temporary workers to avoid hiring full-time staff.

Union Representation: The Teamsters union represents UPS employees in all matters related to their employment, including grievances and negotiations with the company. The contract also includes provisions for union dues and a process for resolving disputes between the union and the company.

Overall, the UPS Teamsters Master Contract provides comprehensive benefits and protections for the company`s workforce. While negotiations are ongoing, the current agreement provides stability and security for the employees who help keep UPS running smoothly.